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With many options for waste removal services, it can be overwhelming to decide on a service provider. And, once you have selected one, you still have to deal with a contract. This guide will help you determine what to look for in the contract and how to make sure it works for you and your business. 

How Contracts Can Work For You

Signing a contract with your waste disposal service provider can be beneficial, and offers you several advantages including:

  • Fixed rates: There are no surprises on your waste removal fees or bottom line with a contract. You can negotiate the rates, including in case of any surplus waste or increase in volume, so you can budget appropriately and aren’t at the mercy of changing prices. 
  • Consistency: The last thing you want is waste building up at your facility or business. Signing a contract with your service provider ensures consistent waste removal, leaving you one less thing to worry about. 
  • Customer Service: By signing on with one service provider, they will be dedicated to your business and there to support you with all your waste removal needs. Companies like Local Waste prioritize customer service, so you’ll always have the personalized service you need. 

Worried about locking into a contract? Many providers offer options for cancellation and early termination, so you can enjoy the benefits of a contract without signing on for an extended-term.

What To Look For + What Questions To Ask

  1. What Is Included + What Is Not

What does the contract specifically include within the quoted services, and what is not included? If something is not included in the contract and you foresee that you may need it for your business in the future, how will that impact the contract?

2. Volume of Waste

Ask if the contract is flexible in allowing for changing volumes of waste. If you have higher periods or lower periods of waste, how will you be charged? If you purchase new equipment, move locations, or host an event and subsequently have an influx of waste, how will they accommodate that?

3. Rates

Inquire for a breakdown of the rates and determine if there would be any additional fees not covered under the contract (such as bin lift costs or transport costs). Are you being charged by weight or volume? Are there additional fees for contaminated recycling?

4. Cancellation 

Be sure to take a careful look at the cancellation section. How much notice do you need to provide to cancel your contract? Can you cancel early? If you do cancel early, is there an early termination fee associated? Some contracts may automatically renew if you do not provide notice, so be sure to keep track of renewal and cancellation dates.

5. Other Considerations

    • The number of bins in the contract
    • Collection frequency
    • Types of waste included
    • Other available services, such as waste audits or reporting information

Ready to Get Started?

Interested in learning more about building a waste removal contract that works for you and your business? Contact the professionals at Local Waste for a free quote! Our executive team has more than 40+ years of experience in the waste removal industry and we’re here to help share that knowledge and make it work for you.

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