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Water Hauling

Whether you are looking for water to fill a pool or drinking water for a cistern water system, we have the equipment and the expertise to get the job done.

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Are you looking for a trusted water hauling company in Whitecourt?

Trust the local staff at Local Environmental. We offer water hauling in Whitecourt and the surrounding areas for both residential and commercial uses.

Water Hauling for Residential Use

Are you the proud owner of an empty pool? Unless you’re on the verge of your own Tony Hawk moment, it won’t be doing you much good like that.

Let’s put the splash back in your summer.  Local Environmental Potable Water Hauling delivers clean water for residential pools and hot tubs. We can get your pool or hot tub filled so you can get back to enjoying it.

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Potable Water Delivery for Water Cisterns

Alberta weather can be unpredictable (to say the least).. When natural water sources are dry, local farms have to rely on their cisterns. Don’t let the dry summer hurt your farm production. Local Environmental provides pot-table water for cisterns on farms, acreages, and other rural properties.

Water Hauling for Transportation

Did you know we also provide water hauling for both dust control on dirt roads and for ice road construction? Whatever your environment or road needs, you can rely on Local Environmental Water Hauling.

Water Hauling for Oilfield & Pipeline

We’re proud to expand our water hauling services to the oilfield and various oil and gas operations.

While we’re at it, we also offer Oilfield Vacuum Truck Services. We’re your one stop solution for oilfield waste management and cleaning services.

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How Much Does Water Hauling Cost

Because of many influential factors, costs for water hauling vary considerably. Some factors you should consider in conversations about budgets are:

  • Types of water to be hauled (potable, fresh, etc)
  • Location to which water will be hauled.
  • Environment (specifically temperatures) of the hauling location.
  • Volume of water needed.
  • Any other complications of the project.

Other Commercial Services

We also provide Water Hauling in the Whitecourt area for a variety of commercial purposes.

Holding tanks
Car Washes

Rink Flooding

Road Flood Testing
Landscape Watering

Water hauling service areas

Questions about water hauling? Looking to request a quote or see if we service your location?

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Whitecourt and area

Blue Ridge
Fox Creek
Green Court

Rochfort Bridge

Town of Whitecourt
Two Creeks

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