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Vacuum Truck Services

With over 30 years experience, you can rely on our team to get you out of even the most sticky of situations.

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After acquiring a well-respected Vacuum Truck and Waste Management company in Alberta, Local Environmental proudly began to offer vacuum truck services to the wider Edmonton Areas.

With over 33 years in business, our technicians have a wealth of experience in everything from sewage cleanup and septic maintenance to oil spills and various other waste material cleanup.

If you’re in need of vacuum truck services in the Edmonton areas, you can rely on Local Environmental to get you out of even the most sticky of situations.

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What does a vacuum truck do?

Quite simply, a standard vacuum truck is used for removing various types of liquid waste. Most commonly this can be sewer and septic maintenance but can also involve waste spills or cleaning liquids.

Not only do we remove and dispose of liquid waste, we can also thoroughly sanitize and clean your equipment with our steamer and tri axle combo steamer trucks.

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Types of Vacuum Trucks

Local Environmental have a variety of vehicles to provide a range of liquid waste management solutions.

Standard Vacuum Trucks

Can handle mud sumps, sewers, and hauling of oilfield waste.

Steamer Trucks

Built to handle the most extreme environments, our steamer is used to not only wash down equipment but it can also thaw out or unplug a frozen sewer line in the most frigid of temperatures.

Tri Axle Combo Vacuum Steamer Trucks

Our ‘all in oner’. With our Tri Axle Combo Truck, our team can offer our cleaning services for your equipment at the same time as we vacuum up the waste.

Single Axle Vacuum Trucks

Used specifically remote sewer systems on farms or acreages.

Let our team find the best solution for your project.

Septic Truck Vacuum Pump Services

Do you own a rural property with a full septic tank? Our liquid vacuum trucks are available to service and clean your septic tank (before things really hit the fan). For the last 30 years, acreages and farms have relied on our trucks to keep their septic systems running. We’re available 7 days a week for emergency calls.

Vacuum Truck Rental Prices

There are a range of factors that can influence the total cost of your project, from the complication of the cleanup and hazardous waste disposal needs to the range of equipment required to get the job done.

Septic System Pump Services
For acreages and farms within our service areas, our septic system pump truck services start from $300 for a 750-gallon tank . Our team is equipped with the experience and equipment to handle much larger tanks. Please contact our team for a specific quote.

Sewer Holding Tank Rental
We rent our holding tanks by the month, starting from INSERT RATE  for the standard model. Contact our team for a customized quote for your specific project and needs.

Oilfield Vacuum Truck

Over the last 30 years, our trucks have offered a range of oilfield services. While we most often work on oilfield disposal for sewers, we also have strong experience in a range of industrial vacuum services: from oil spill cleanup to equipment maintenance projects.

Not only do we remove liquid waste on the oilfields, we also rent, install and service Lower Profile Sewer Holding tanks for oilfield and office trailers. We carry a variety of holding tanks in a range of sizes that are built for even the most extreme environment. If your worksite is faced with an extreme climate, we offer heavy duty winterized low profile sewer holding tanks that are insulated to withstand negative temperatures.

Vacuum truck service areas

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