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No matter what your business is, producing waste is inevitable. Just as you’re the expert in what you do, you might be wondering how to find the experts in waste removal to help you keep your business running efficiently (and cleanly!) This guide will help you determine the right questions to ask on your search for the right waste disposal company for your business.

What can a waste management company do for you?

Before you start looking for a waste management partner, it’s helpful to understand what they can do for your business.

All waste management companies will help you dispose of your business waste and recyclable materials, which can include commercial, municipal or industrial waste. They can also help you to reduce your waste and re-use as much as possible, directly impacting your company’s bottom line and reducing the environmental footprint of your waste products.

What types of waste are you disposing of?

The type of waste your business generates will vary greatly by industry, and can impact the type and cost of waste removal services. The key is to find a waste removal company with experience in your specific industry. An experienced waste removal company can help reduce costs as they can efficiently handle the waste in the appropriate way.

Your business may have one or a number of different types of waste, including:

  • Construction
  • Municipal
  • Oilfield
  • Industrial 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Liquid
  • Dry or solid waste 
  • Hazardous 

…And many others! 

Local Waste has proven experience in all the types of waste above, offering a wide breadth of services to cover all your waste removal needs. To help get started finding the right waste removal company, determine what kinds of waste your business will need removed.

What is your budget?

Hiring professional waste removal services can help save your business money, as they can often handle your business waste much more efficiently, and can even help find you additional ways to save. Find savings by hiring Local Waste, who can help your business reduce your waste a number of ways:

  • Recycling: waste removal companies can maximize your recycling, reducing the total waste requiring removal.
  • Compliance: handling waste removal yourself can be extremely costly if you incorrectly handle or dispose of waste, resulting in heavy fees and unexpected expenses.
  • Increased efficiency: as experts in waste removal, waste removal companies will help develop processes to make your waste removal as quick and painless as possible, saving everyone time and money.

Where is your business located?

Determine where your waste is primarily located, and ensure your business is within the geographical pick-up zones of any waste removal company you are considering. Have more than one location? Local Waste operates and provides services in both Edmonton and Regina.

How frequently will you need disposal services?

How often will your business require pick-up? Ensure the waste management companies you are evaluating can meet your waste schedule, whether that is every few days or every week or two weeks. Keeping a consistent schedule is important, so you can rely on your waste being picked up when you need it to be. 

Your waste removal company should also be able to pick up large volumes of waste, so none is left behind and you don’t need multiple trips. Ask your prospective waste management companies if they can adjust their services as your business grows or your waste needs change.

What else is important to your business?

When evaluating your waste management options, other factors may be important to consider to ensure alignment to your company values and to make the process easier for you. Don’t forget to consider the following: 

  • Customer service: How important is good customer service? Community-focused companies like Local Waste offer nimble, front-line service that is customized for your business with a focus on human relationships. 
  • Cleaning: How important is cleanliness to the waste removal company? Will they ensure your waste is handled appropriately and keep the area clean once your waste is collected? 
  • Eco-friendly: Is it important to your business to reduce as much waste as possible? Do you want to ensure your impact on the environment is minimized? This can help improve your organization’s image, which can also impact your bottom line.

Ready to Get Started?

With more than 40+ years combined experience in the waste industry, the Local Waste founders are here to help you and your business. Contact us to find a free waste management solution for your business and start saving money by keeping it local today. 

Interested in learning more? Local Waste has managed waste for clients of all sizes, and we are always happy to share success stories and testimonials from clients in a variety of industries. 

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