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Please note: we are currently only offering Temporary Fencing to customers at our Whitecourt Location. If you require Temporary Fencing at any of our other locations, our team is happy to provide a list of local suppliers.

As the saying goes, good fences make good neighbours. And this is especially true on an active construction site. Enclosing your site with a good quality temporary construction fence can be important for Occupational Health and Safety compliance.

Depending on the bylaws in your local area, specific temporary construction fence requirements may apply to your site. Learn why temporary fencing for construction is a simple yet important component of a safe and functional construction site.

Benefits of renting temporary construction fencing

Workers on a construction site smoothing out freshly poured concrete.

Securing the perimeter of your construction site with temporary fencing helps keep both your construction team and the public safe. 

There are multiple hazards on a typical construction site. Fencing is a simple way to contain these hazards. From a liability and risk-reduction perspective, temporary construction fencing is simply a no-brainer. 

Fences help protect the public from risks associated with:

  • Excavation sites and trenches or holes
  • Debris piles
  • Stacked construction materials
  • Large equipment or machinery operating close to neighbouring properties, structures, vehicles, or trees
  • Unstable surfaces or structures due to nearby excavation or demolition

Temporary construction fence requirements in Alberta

Currently, we can only offer fencing rentals in Whitecourt, Alberta and surrounding areas. That being said, if you’re in any of our other service areas and require fencing for your project, we have plenty of local distributors that we’re happy to work with.

Even in areas where temporary construction fencing is not explicitly required by local law, it can be a real lifesaver – literally and figuratively! 

In all cases, contractors should refer to applicable safety code legislation and regulations for their location and project scope.

For more information, refer to Alberta Building Codes and Standards or Saskatchewan Building and Technical Standards

Construction Fencing Rental in Whitecourt, Alberta

Large construction site with three workers.

Contractors should refer to applicable provincial or national safety code regulations and consider all safety risks associated with their construction site. Temporary fencing helps protect the site from insurance and OHS liabilities, and also protects against theft or vandalism. 

Local Environmental offers a range of fencing options 6’ tall in 9.5’ lengths and provides temporary construction fence rentals across Alberta and Saskatchewan, including (but not limited to) the locations above.

Temporary construction fencing best practices

Ideally, construction fencing should be installed before any demolition or construction begins and should remain in place throughout the project.
Additional temporary fencing best practices include:

  • Contain the site fencing within the property line
  • Obtain permission before entering the neighbouring property to install fencing
  • Ensure fencing does not obstruct public access to sidewalks, amenities, or services
  • Fencing may remain open while workers are on-site, but should be secured at the end of the day or anytime it is unattended
  • Fencing must be properly installed and able to withstand reasonable wind or other weather events
  • Any damage or collapse of the fencing should be resolved quickly

A professional temporary fencing service will be able to calculate the size of fencing required for your project and will take care of delivery and fence set-up on the construction site.

Once your project is complete, fence pick up and removal is quick and easy, and it is one less detail for your construction crew to worry about as they prepare site handover to the client or homeowner.

Fresh drywall and paint on a home renovation.

One-stop shop for construction site needs

At Local Environmental, we know that it takes a lot of work to prepare a construction site before the actual construction even starts. With a wide range of construction site infrastructure and waste removal services and supplies, we’re proud to be a trusted one-stop shop for the contractors we serve across Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

In addition to temporary fencing for construction, Local Environmental also offers  porta-potties for construction sites, roll-off bin rentals, and construction waste disposal services.

Let us take care of these small but critical details so you can focus on the rest of your construction project. 

Need a temporary construction fence for your next project? Check out temporary fencing options or request a quote online.